Master of Horror

Showing no signs of slowing down

The muse is working well, with stories popping out of my imagination on demand,and characters being born at an extraordinary rate.

A word to those who wish to enter the writing game as a professional: there are so many people like you in the marketplace today, you really need to have the little techniques and tricks of the Craft of Writing there at your fingertips, ready for use. I cannot stress strongly enough the advantages of entering a Creative Writing course at your local technical college or university…where a professional in the game can teach you from their own experience. To just sit down and write from the heart these days is not enough, unless you’re a J K Rowling, and not very many of us are as naturally skilled as she is. As an example, I studied the writing game at University level for 27 years before my first novel was published. Like all trades and skills, there are basic nuts and bolts you must learn to recognize and tweak when needed – a professional can teach you these.

What’s That? take a rest, you say? Not possible…not when you’re a captive of your own imagination the way that I am!

Adrian Scott


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