Master of Horror

26 August:

And so we get a few days’ peace whilst my cover artist works on other assignments. For the past week, it’s been dashing into my website to tend to one matter or another, then digging through my vast collection(!) of books for my html texts, then rushing off to this blogsite to tend to something else. Without the valuable assistance of my paperback publisher, Michelle, I would still be knee-deep in html; and lost to the world.

The things I don’t know about computers would be enough to fill a decent-sized library! and every time you get one problem solved, more or less, along comes another! I bet the guy who invented computers is laughing fit to bust!

And all to keep the tax-man happy. Oh, well…

At last I can get back into a book that’s half-finished and see if I can concoct a good ending for it. Then it’s edit, edit, edit again, and back to my cover artist before the website raises its troubled head again.


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