Master of Horror

Another novel finished

September 2nd; and my fifty-seventh novel finished.

And so, it’s back to the research books and the hunt for a new monster or beast to bring to life begins. This last story was based around the American Civil War, in the year 1862, and was a lot of fun to work on, especially since I don’t actually plan my novels to start with. I have no more idea of what is going to happen in the next chapter or next page than you do, so it’s just as much an adventure for me as the writer as it would be for a reader, I hope.

Surrounded by books on the weird, the exotic, the strange, the mythical, and the downright ghastly, there’s never any shortage of subjects on which to base stories. If there is a problem, it’s that there are too many strange beings and creatures to choose from!

But I have no doubt that, somewhere in the pages of one of my many texts, there is a beast or an incident that will trigger my overactive imagination, and off we’ll go again, into the world where I’m happiest…the world of horror and terror and make-believe.

Adrian Scott


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