Master of Horror

Curse of the Writer

Finally, after a week of typing,typing, and more typing from 3am-11am; my back has cried ‘enough!’

here I sit in my layback armchair, working on my baby laptop because I can no longer sit at the desk. I had a two-level spinal fusion in 2001 where most of the vertebrae and disks in the spine were replaced with titanium rods and carbon fibre wedges, and find myself at my age resorting to either a walking stick or electric wheechair…dammit! I guess I now have to conwhen ytent myself with doing most of my work lying down now.

It’s a pain especially when you want to put some new html into your webpage…the change in keyboards really slows you down…but I guess I’ll get used to it…sooner or later.

Adrian Scott





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