Master of Horror

September 12: Incapacitated…dammit!

So here I am, lying on the float of my back, typing on a half-size laptop. The old spine has given up the ghost I fear, and will not tolerate sitting up at a desk any more. Ain’t it fun, trying to speed-type on a keyboard you’re not used to? The fingers know where to go, but when they get there, the key is gone.

Oh well…finished my first novella this morning, so put it aside for a month or so, then edit it, send it off for formatting and cover design, then on to Smashwords.

I don’t think we realize how important our support staff are to us – the ones who do the backroom work often without acknowledgement, but without whom our work would lie eternally in a dusty cupboard somewhere and never see the light of day.

So, from me, thanks t9o Laura, my cover designer, and Lucinda, my formatter.

Your good works and unceasing efforts do not go unappreciated, and never will.

Adrian Scott


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