Master of Horror

September 14: The Latest Gnus

This morning, I started a new story, probably a novella.

It revolves around an Irish conman in 1860 who is transported to Australia and tries to sell Hades to a Catholic priest or bishop. but Satan finds out, and to use an old saying, ‘all Hell busts loose’.

The conman has a habit of selling other people’s property, such as the Tower Bridge, London, ad decides to make a killing in a big way. It gives the advantage of allowing me to use the paranormal, and a certain deal of humour. I shall have to see how it pans out…I never plan my stories, just write them as I think of them, and for me, it seems to work. Anyway, with luck, it will make it into publication one way or another, so when it is finished and edited and ready for my publishers, I shall let you all know the gnus from then on.

Just hope  I don’t offend the churches…!

Adrian Scott


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