Master of Horror

September 23: A Big Month

I started the month finding myself getting into publication with two firms, and end the month (well, almost) with three: Renaissance ebooks is back in business (not that they’ve ever been out of business); it seems illness, plus a need for more space to handle their clients’ works,  necessitated a move of all files and such to another layout…which is definitely not a fun job in my thoughts.

So the Mason Thurlow series, all twelve volumes, will be re-released in their entirety under the Page Turner imprint, and away we go, keeping three publishers happy. It’s fortunate that in the last 3 years, I have written 57 novels, most of which have not been offered for publication yet, as it means I don’t have to hit the panic-button for some time yet.

For those of you who read one or two of the Thurlow series and liked them, look forward to the whole series coming out. We might even get to the DeVayne series, in their entirety of six novels as well, so with my first paperback due out next month, things are getting busy around here.

Originally, ‘Child of the Living Dead’ was a stand-alone novel; but as it was the novel in which the most evil man on earth, Mason Thurlow, was introduced, it will now be the first in the series….again, watch for it on Renaissance Ebooks, under the Page Turner imprint.

Adrian Scott


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