Master of Horror

November 12: Moving Forward

Renaissance ebooks (US) are racing ahead with publishing the Mason Thurlow series…all twelve volumes.
Vols I and II were released about four weeks or so ago, volume III is ready to go, and vols IV and V are in the preparation process now. Somewhere along the line we hope to have the series critically examined, and I’ll be waiting, my breath held, for the verdicts of the pundits in the game, If they like the concept, it could lead anywhere. I created the character of Mason Thurlow back in the early 1980’s, in a novel that was rejected, and revived him in Child of the Living Dead, going right back to the year 1796 or so in Haiti, during the slave rebellion, to detail the story of his birth and eventual rise into what I designed as a man of utter evil and demonic worship. For the new series, released on Pageturner, i toned down the sex scenes as requested, and now we wait to see what effect this will have on sales. Explicit sex does have a place in modern literature, I believe, but the suggestion was enough for Mason Thurlow. You could say I wanted to spend as much time as possible on first creating, then bit by bit destroying, the most evil man on earth, and really didn’t have the time or need for the sex…his, that is.
We shall now wait to see where it leads…
Adrian Scott


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