Master of Horror

November 27: 60th novel finished

With sixty novels completed since I began writing novels in 2008, perhaps it’s time to take a break. But, knowing the writing bug as well as I do these days, by tomorrow morning my ever-active mind will have concocted a new plot, and a new character, to go on with the fierce imaginings.

I enjoy writing, even if I never make a dime out of it. It’s like the old saying: “Find something you do well, and really enjoy, and stick to it.” And fortunately, that’s how it is with me. At the age of 67,I have a job that i really enjoy doing, and I think that certainly improves the work standard, and the work output. When I think about how unlucky I could have been, being stuck in a task I did not enjoy but had to do in order to earn a living, I can’t help but feel grateful to the Powers Above.

Adrian Scott


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