Master of Horror

January 9, 2012: You’re Never Too Old or Too Educated to Learn

For the past two months or so, I’ve been working with a Publisher in the United States who really knows what the writing game is all about, and what we should strive to do to make it better.

I’ve spent 27 years studying all forms of writing at various universities, and writing feverishly, and up until I met my new publisher, had considered my work to be of a high standard. In these past two short months, I have learned that it can, and must, be improved!

She sent back the first submission I sent her together with suggestions as to  how it could be improved by the simple changing of a word here and there, and changing tenses…and, to my complete surprise, I have to admit that after comparing my original submission to my recent version, the improvement is so great that I am forced to ask: “Where have I been all these years?” and “What have I really learned?”

So, to you, Rebecca, I remove my hat and shout a hearty ‘Thank You’ from the rooftops. If I can maintain my writing at a level that pleases you, I freely admit that you have taken my work and turned it into a standard far above what I thought I had already achieved.

Your guidance and suggestions are more than welcome…they are greatly desired!

Thanks Again,

Adrian Scott


One response

  1. Hi Adrian,
    Your attitude and acceptance of change is exactly what the writing world needs at this point in time. Your writing talent is evident and I am happy to find that I’m not the only person who is still learning. I find myself revising and adjusting on a daily basis because of new technology and due to an ever shrinking world where we have to please larger and larger audiences.
    I am grateful to be allowed to work with you and perhaps make a few helpful suggestions along the way.

    9 January 2012 at 11:47 am

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