Master of Horror


I’ve just finished my 70th novel! Now number 71 is cooking, and almost halfway through.

To celebrate, on, one of my novels ‘O’Halloran’s Hell’ is being offered as a freebie. It’s a short really, of about 23,000 words. But it’s a good tale – at least, I think so, so I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Seems I just can’t stop writing. Where do my stories come from? I have no idea. They just appear in my imagination, right out of nowhere, and once I have a title or a character or the inkling of a plot to go on, away we sail.

I guess that’s the way it happens with writers: I wonder if James Hadley Chase or Edgar Rice Borroughs ever saw their stories approaching, or did that idea or thought simply leap out of the bushes and take them in a surprise ambush, as do mine?

If there is a life hereafter, and should I be lucky enough to wind up where they are, I shall get around to asking them. It’s just a pity that, having spoken to them and learned the answer to my question, I don’t think I can relay it back to you.

But I shall hold onto that thought, shove it in the back of my memory, and when the time is right, trot it out and settle my curiosity.

Adrian Scott 


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