Master of Horror

One Day to Go!

Hi People,

You have one day left to get a free copy of The Sins of Mason Thurlow volume 1: “Child of the Living Dead” at

I first created Mason back in the early 80’s, in the only one of my novels that has ever been rejected. When I read it again years later, I decided I’d have rejected it too…probably with a rude note suggesting the writer take up shark-hunting or maybe Ping-Pong for a living! it was awful.

I wrote short stories from then on, as I had been doing in the navy in the 60’s and 70’s, until 2007, when I wrote a 20,000 word short story called ‘Nightmare’. It revolved around a werewolf, and the first idea I had for the story was the image of a huge, hairy werewolf hanging by one arm from a tall church-spire somewhere in France. Anyway, I wrote it, and then when I went back to edit it, decided to turn it into a novel…of 100,000 words. This one was accepted with the suggestion I cut it in half and make two novels of it, which I did, and four novels later my first series, the ‘DeVayne’ series, was complete. That series will come out, I hope, via Rebecca J Vickery, at a later date. I still regard it as the best I’ve ever written.

As for the story in which Mason Thurlow first appeared, I rewrote that in about 2009, and it was accepted for publication. But it hasn’t come out as I’ve changed publishers, and am now with Rebecca, who is my publisher and my mentor.

Tip: you can always tell a good publisher from a bad one – the bad one will make changes to your manuscript without reference to you. A good publisher, on the other hand, will send your manuscript back with red notations throughout on suggestions for where you could improve it, knowing that if he/she were to make those changes, a reader would probably detect them as not being the author’s as the style of writing would be different.

So…if your manuscript comes back with red comments throughout, don’t lose heart. It means you have a good, professional publisher who cares about your work and their own reputation, and has taken the time to go through your story and find little points you’ve missed, sometimes simply because you’ve been so close to the plot and the characters for so long, it doesn’t occur to you that something else is required.

As I said, don’t lose heart. If it were me, I’d throw a party! Believe me, finding a good publisher is worth whatever extra effort it may cost you! And Rebecca is, in my opinion, at the top of her field…as is her Chief Cover Designer Laura Shinn. she’s the gal who designs those incredibly-detailed covers you see on my books, and will see from now on. Laura, also, is at the top of her field.   


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