Master of Horror

Anhanga – Beast from the Underworld

Anhanga – The Imagename given to Satan by the Paraguayans. Normally taking the shape of a deer with red, blazing eyes, Anhanga is a shape-shifter, and can adopt any form it chooses.

For the purposes of my novel, I decided to turn him into a huge, man-eating snake. 

This particular novel has more action than almost any other novel I’ve written, and will be released shortly by Publishing by Rebecca J Vickery, in the good ole USA.

As a taste of the action, I include below, taken directly from the text of Anhanga:

      ““Vic! What’s the matter, mate? What’s the matter? What’d that damn snake do to you?” Elery cried concernedly, coming to his feet.

     “Me leg…me right leg…broke…near tha ankle…shit!” Using both hands, Victor slowly straightened the right leg as much as possible, and Elery could see that a few inches above the ankle, there was a wide, ragged tear in the material of his dungarees. And there was a white sliver of bone sticking through.

     “God Help us!” Elery whispered, then looked again at Antonia, her thumb in her mouth, her eyes wide, fearful. “How did you get here, child? Did the snake bring you?”

     Antonia’s eyebrows drew down as she tried to make sense of what Elery had said: “Snake? What snake, Elery? Mr Bazil brought me here. I came with Mr Bazil. I haven’t seen any snakes.” She gazed back at the two men, her mouth working at her thumb. Then she took her thumb out, and said: “I don’t like snakes. If there was any snakes here, they’d make me scream!” and she nodded her head in affirmation of her words; “they do…they make me scream…snakes-“ Her eyes suddenly shifted upward, away from the men, to a spot somewhere high above their heads and beyond them, inside the deep, dark tunnel. As she watched, two blazing red slits – long, narrow, and coming to points at each end – blinked on, then disappeared. Then they blinked on again, and the gigantic head of the snake appeared from within the darkness, its fiery red eyes staring malevolently at the three humans.

     Antonia did scream.”

I hope you enjoy Anhanga, should you decide to buy it. Either way, whether you liked it or not – even if there’s one tiny thing you disapproved of – let me know. I try to be as attentive to my readers as I can. you can reach me at between the hours of 5-10.30 am (Australian East Coast time), 7 days a week.

Yup, that’s right…I’m so addicted to writing I put in five-and-a-half hours every day at the computer. Lucky I’m a speed-typist! If not, I never could have written 74 novels in the past 6 years…and still going strong!

Adrian Scott


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