Master of Horror

Writer’s Block – What To Do?

Writer’s block hits all of us at one time or another. it’s not uncommon, but it can be overcome.

When I hit the ‘brick wall,’ and my writing skill seems to disappear out the nearest window, I usually put aside the story on which I’m trying – vainly – to work; keeping on with it will only cause annoyance, sometimes anger, and frustration.

My trick for breaking the ‘curse’ when my Muse decides to take a holiday, and simply won’t give them the words I need to go on, is to put aside whatever it is I’m trying – vainly – to force my way through, and go on to something else, such as editing that story which has been waiting for months for me to perform just that task.

And it usually works: just getting away from whatever you’re working on is enough to clear the fog from your mind, refresh your thinking, and allow you time to take a deep breath, get away from the story that’s giving you ‘Hell,’ and have a day or two off.

The ability to write will return – in its own time. I think it’s your brain’s way of telling you “I need a holiday; just a short one, please.”

So give it that holiday. it will do a world of good!

Adrian Scott  


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