Master of Horror

Is The Cover Important?

ImageYou bet it is! Just as important as any word you have ever written.

We too often take the hard work of the cover designer for granted, seeing it as not much more than a coat of paint on a new car…but think for just one moment:

Would you buy that new car if you saw it sitting there, with no paint, showing its metallic grey colour – unpolished, the rivets visible, each weld in plain sight?

I bet you wouldn’t. You’d rather have a vehicle that positively screams ‘New’ at you, all bright and shiny, in your favourite colour, just waiting for you to get in and drive it.

Without that coat of paint – or in the case of a book, the cover – you’d not even bother to open the door or first page. Instead, you’d go to another dealership – or bookstore – and look for something that really begs you to open that door or page, and see what is inside.

There is no part of any story you will ever write that is more important than the cover. it’s the cover, after all, which attracts the potential purchaser to open that cover, see what that bright and well-designed image is hiding. It’s a talent we often dismiss, as I said earlier; but it’s a talent deserving of just as much praise as the writer’s work…if not more so.

So let’s hear it for the cover-designers out there, writers. Without them, you’d receive no royalties – and your longed-for popularity with the reading public wouldn’t even exist.

Adrian Scott  


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