Master of Horror

Another of the Nuts & Bolts to Tweak: Paragraph-Length

A paragraph can be as long as four or five sentences or as short as one word.

Yup, it’s possible to write a paragraph that consists of one word, as in:


Why not? it makes sense; it’s complete in itself. And it has the added advantage of making the paragraph stand out.

One thing we should never do is aim for all our paragraphs to be of equal length. It makes our writing appear boring to the reader, just as if we wrote a musical score consisting of one note.

Try to vary the lengths of your paragraphs; together with all the other tips I’ve given, it’s important, as all these little pointers are not from what I like to see, but what I know, from experience, works with editors – and they’re the people you have to please in order for your work to be published. if they don’t like you work when you submit it, you won’t see it reach that stage when you can say: “Hey! my work is being published!”

Adrian Scott   


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