Master of Horror

Murder Inside the Grande Armee

‘White Shroud of Death,’ my latImageest novel from Rebecca J Vickery, is set against the backdrop of Napoleon Bonaparte’s victory at the Battle of Borodino in 1812, and his capture of the city of Moscow. 

While it has nothing whatsoever to do with history, I like setting my novels in a specific time-period and using (occasionally) actual figures from history to give the work a more authentic feel.

This one tells the story of a fictitious Colonel, Armand de Surian, who – in addition to being Napoleon’s Morale Officer – is a psychopath…a vicious, bloodthirsty killer of the first order.

Discovering a small group of young children hidden in the crypt beneath the Great Church of St John Chrysostomou, he sets about murdering the four female children – he only likes killing females – and then intends turning his attention to the wives, female servants and other civilians who always accompanied armies into battle in those days.

But his deeds are discovered, accidentally, and a band of soldiers set about rescuing the remaining children and, if possible, returning them to the Russian forces before de Surian can complete his ‘fun’ tasks.

It’s out on, and as a freebie, from July 27-31 (US time). The code is

I had a heap of fun writing this one…and no, I’m most certainly not a ‘closet-killer,’ waiting for the right circumstances to turn my books into reality…unless it’s on the Big Screen or perhaps the Little Screen (TeeVee).

Hope you like it, and as usual, if you don’t, let me know why, and I shall try to avoid the same mistakes in future, guys.

Adrian Scott


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