Master of Horror


My Task is to Breathe Life into the Nameless Terror that Hides within All of Us

At this site, you’ll find all my most recent works, whether in electronic, print or script edition.

Since I was nine years old, I have taken an interest in the unusual, the strange, the mysterious; my favourite authors have always been Edgar Alan Poe and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle…I feel I have read and re-read their tales and enjoyed them so often, each word is engraved somewhere within me.

Now, I am retired from the workaday world, and turn my attentions from short stories to novels dealing with those forces that I have always been fascinated by.

In the last three years, I have penned fifty-six novels on the horrific, the erotic, the terrifying. I am currently working on my fifty-seventh. And as each new novel is published, you will know.

These pages will be kept up to date with my latest publications, and links to the publishers concerned.


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