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Anhanga – Beast from the Underworld

Anhanga – The Imagename given to Satan by the Paraguayans. Normally taking the shape of a deer with red, blazing eyes, Anhanga is a shape-shifter, and can adopt any form it chooses.

For the purposes of my novel, I decided to turn him into a huge, man-eating snake. 

This particular novel has more action than almost any other novel I’ve written, and will be released shortly by Publishing by Rebecca J Vickery, in the good ole USA.

As a taste of the action, I include below, taken directly from the text of Anhanga:

      ““Vic! What’s the matter, mate? What’s the matter? What’d that damn snake do to you?” Elery cried concernedly, coming to his feet.

     “Me leg…me right leg…broke…near tha ankle…shit!” Using both hands, Victor slowly straightened the right leg as much as possible, and Elery could see that a few inches above the ankle, there was a wide, ragged tear in the material of his dungarees. And there was a white sliver of bone sticking through.

     “God Help us!” Elery whispered, then looked again at Antonia, her thumb in her mouth, her eyes wide, fearful. “How did you get here, child? Did the snake bring you?”

     Antonia’s eyebrows drew down as she tried to make sense of what Elery had said: “Snake? What snake, Elery? Mr Bazil brought me here. I came with Mr Bazil. I haven’t seen any snakes.” She gazed back at the two men, her mouth working at her thumb. Then she took her thumb out, and said: “I don’t like snakes. If there was any snakes here, they’d make me scream!” and she nodded her head in affirmation of her words; “they do…they make me scream…snakes-“ Her eyes suddenly shifted upward, away from the men, to a spot somewhere high above their heads and beyond them, inside the deep, dark tunnel. As she watched, two blazing red slits – long, narrow, and coming to points at each end – blinked on, then disappeared. Then they blinked on again, and the gigantic head of the snake appeared from within the darkness, its fiery red eyes staring malevolently at the three humans.

     Antonia did scream.”

I hope you enjoy Anhanga, should you decide to buy it. Either way, whether you liked it or not – even if there’s one tiny thing you disapproved of – let me know. I try to be as attentive to my readers as I can. you can reach me at between the hours of 5-10.30 am (Australian East Coast time), 7 days a week.

Yup, that’s right…I’m so addicted to writing I put in five-and-a-half hours every day at the computer. Lucky I’m a speed-typist! If not, I never could have written 74 novels in the past 6 years…and still going strong!

Adrian Scott


Is Writing A Lonely Profession?

Well, this is the way it’s often been described. but I beg to differ.

I see the writer as part of a team that consists of three members (principally); without each member doing his/her job to the best of their ability, the writer’s work won’t get off the ground.

Let’s, for a moment, think of the ‘building’ of a book as the building of a new car in an auto factory: basically, we have three team-members: the Mechanic, the Detailer, and the Spray Painter/Polisher. That’s taking the task of building a car (book) back to its most basic units of work, of course.

The Mechanic has the task of putting together all the metal panels, glass panes, and engine components, and bolting them together so they work properly.

The Detailer has the job of totally cleaning the car so it looks inviting to the customer who comes along and peers through the window to look inside.

The Spray Painter/Polisher has the task of applying the attractive color to the car, then buffing it to a high gleam so the customer will WANT to open the door. If he/she just looks at the car, sees it hasn’t been polished or spray painted properly, that customer won’t be enticed to open the door and look at the work of the Detailer in cleaning it; and the customer won’t be enticed to turn the ignition on to see if the car works, and how well it works…in which case, the customer leaves the showroom and wanders off to another dealership.

Bet you guys and gals can see where I’m going with this, can’t you?

Now let’s replace the Mechanic with the Writer: the metal panels become the ingredients of the PLOT, the glass panes become the CHARACTERS, and the nuts and bolts become the WORDS, PUNCTUATION-MARKS, and SENTENCES, all fitted together in the best possible way so the whole thing fits together, with no bits left hanging off.

We now replace the DETAILER with the PUBLISHER, who goes over the book (car), finds one or two loose nuts or bolts (over-used words, perhaps the odd detail the writer has not covered adequately) and sends the book back to the WRITER to have those nuts and bolts tightened up properly before saying: “Yes, this is driveable; it will hang together properly.”

Now we replace the SPRAY PAINTER/POLISHER with the COVER DESIGNER. And their job is to apply the color (details on the cover) and then POLISH it (give it a good finish with the title and the author’s name prominent) so you’ll be enticed to open the cover and see what’s inside.

Just like the mechanic, the detailer, and the spray painter/polisher, if the WRITER, the PUBLISHER or the COVER DESIGNER fail in their job – any one of them – the book might go on the bookstands – but it won’t sell. The PLOT doesn’t hang together properly, the CHARACTERS aren’t believable or act out-of-character or, in some cases, do things people aren’t supposed to be able to do; there are the wrong WORDS used or perhaps over-used, or maybe the DENOUEMENT (explanation of how and why such a thing happened) isn’t believable; or the COVER isn’t attracting people to the point where they want to open the cover and see what’s inside.

That is why I say writing is most definitely not a lonely profession:  of course, without the writer there wouldn’t be a book in the first place. But even if there was a book, it might not hang together properly; or perhaps it does hang together properly but the cover isn’t attractive enough to grab potential readers.

Writing, to me, is most definitely not a lonely profession. A writer is a member of a three-person team (basically), and each member of that team has to perform their task to the best of their abilities. if one fails, the book fails…just as the car would if you turned on the ignition and the motor wouldn’t start, or you looked inside and saw it was dirty, filthy, grimy; or you looked at it and saw the paint wasn’t applied properly or maybe it wasn’t as highly polished as it could have been.

I hope I haven’t rambled on and confused everybody. But if you can see the analogy between the car and the book, and the various team-members, then you’ve gained an idea of how the industry works.

And that is the key point: the industry. So if all I’ve said makes sense, then how can writing be a lonely profession when each team-member knows the next in line will check his/her work and either approve it or send it back for one reason or another?

Lesson over for the day, people. The writing game, to me, isn’t about making money. it’s about doing the thing I enjoy most, and doing it so well the reader will want to read what I’ve written. If one person picks up my book, then I know the cover designer has done a good job. If they open it and read a little, then I know the publisher has done a top job; If they buy the book, then I know I’ve done a good job, and the team has won another game.

I’m not lonely; I’m not wealthy (far from it); but I am blessed in that, in the later years of my life, I’ve become what I’ve always wanted to be: a WRITER. And that, along with having what I regard as the best team around to apply the finishing touches, is a damn sight more important than a million bux!           


“Child of the Living Dead” – The Sins of Mason Thurlow vol 1.

Well, it’s too late to get the above as a freebie…it’s now gone up to the highly exhorbitant price of 99 cents…for a while, anyway. Then it will rise to its regular price of $2.99.

when I originally wrote “Child of the Living Dead,” I intended it to be a one-off. But somewhere between the first chapter and about the tenth, I realized it would make a good introduction for old Mason…and so the child in the book, Charles D’Arville, returned to life as a zombie, became Mason Thurlow.

As with all my novels, the setting – the late 18th-early 19th century – has been thoroughly researched, especially the slave rebellion of the late 1700’s, which is still the only successful slave uprising in history.

So little Charles, accidentally shot and killed as a child by his father, is brought back to life by a Mambo – a voodoo priestess – but with a slight difference: I allowed him to keep his brain. I mean, I could hardly create a series out of a central character who got around dragging his feet, staring vacantly into the distance and seeing nothing, and with his arms stuck out in front of him as if he was a walking clothes-line, could I?

So Charles is kidnapped by a negro practitioner of the Black Arts, and spends the next 17 years studying and learning all he can in those areas, then changes his name to Mason Thurlow, and is unleashed upon the world – Australia, principally – to do his dirty deeds and alla that stuff.

I really would appreciate it if some of you who read his exploits could email me and let me know what you think of him, his doings, and the stories I built around him. Good criticism is always valued by writers, as it lets us know what our readers like and what they don’t like, and sometimes even suggest new plots, ideas, and sometimes characters, to us to be used in creating new novels.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with good, constructive criticism – even if the criticism says something like: “I think you’re absolutely nutz and should be locked up!” That can even tell me the plot had such a powerful effect on the reader they were drawn to such a conclusion. And who knows? Maybe my intention was to give the impression I’m nutz, in which case it worked!

So go to it! Let me know what you think of Mason. And I do hope you continue following him as he seeks to gather souls to Satan (no, I am not a Satanist…I’m not even an atheist); and cause mayhem wherever he goes.


One Day to Go!

Hi People,

You have one day left to get a free copy of The Sins of Mason Thurlow volume 1: “Child of the Living Dead” at

I first created Mason back in the early 80’s, in the only one of my novels that has ever been rejected. When I read it again years later, I decided I’d have rejected it too…probably with a rude note suggesting the writer take up shark-hunting or maybe Ping-Pong for a living! it was awful.

I wrote short stories from then on, as I had been doing in the navy in the 60’s and 70’s, until 2007, when I wrote a 20,000 word short story called ‘Nightmare’. It revolved around a werewolf, and the first idea I had for the story was the image of a huge, hairy werewolf hanging by one arm from a tall church-spire somewhere in France. Anyway, I wrote it, and then when I went back to edit it, decided to turn it into a novel…of 100,000 words. This one was accepted with the suggestion I cut it in half and make two novels of it, which I did, and four novels later my first series, the ‘DeVayne’ series, was complete. That series will come out, I hope, via Rebecca J Vickery, at a later date. I still regard it as the best I’ve ever written.

As for the story in which Mason Thurlow first appeared, I rewrote that in about 2009, and it was accepted for publication. But it hasn’t come out as I’ve changed publishers, and am now with Rebecca, who is my publisher and my mentor.

Tip: you can always tell a good publisher from a bad one – the bad one will make changes to your manuscript without reference to you. A good publisher, on the other hand, will send your manuscript back with red notations throughout on suggestions for where you could improve it, knowing that if he/she were to make those changes, a reader would probably detect them as not being the author’s as the style of writing would be different.

So…if your manuscript comes back with red comments throughout, don’t lose heart. It means you have a good, professional publisher who cares about your work and their own reputation, and has taken the time to go through your story and find little points you’ve missed, sometimes simply because you’ve been so close to the plot and the characters for so long, it doesn’t occur to you that something else is required.

As I said, don’t lose heart. If it were me, I’d throw a party! Believe me, finding a good publisher is worth whatever extra effort it may cost you! And Rebecca is, in my opinion, at the top of her field…as is her Chief Cover Designer Laura Shinn. she’s the gal who designs those incredibly-detailed covers you see on my books, and will see from now on. Laura, also, is at the top of her field.   

The Sins of Mason Thurlow volume 1

My publisher, Rebecca J Vickery, said she and her staff were working on a marketing strategy for this first in the new series a week or more ago, and as part of it, the novel would be released to exclusively for the first 3 months of its life.

I have to hand it to Rebecca and co: I saw it debut in Amazon’s top 100 at 98 not many hours after its release; within an hour it had leaped to 69; now, two days later, it’s at 55.

That’s not bad considering all the books Amazon receive to publicise. In fact, I think it’s far better than any one of us anticipated!

This is a big thank you to Rebecca and staff – and also an opportunity for me to remind my readers that if they want to get a copy without paying a cent, they can go to anytime during the remaining two days of the Easter break, and it will be there.

It’s based around the world’s only successful slave uprising – in Haiti in the late 1700’s – which led to that island being governed by the non-white races even today. If you should find any point I’ve made or cited which doesn’t ring true if you should check, I’d be grateful if you’d let me know. I do like things to be accurate, and as all but one of my novels are set in the 1700-1800’s, that means a lot of research goes into each one.

No, I’m not trying to run a history course in secret by using my novels to house each lesson, guys, but simply trying, as best as I can, to give each novel a ring of truth by setting it in the time-period correctly, with reference to characters who were known to be alive during the period of each novel, and all those little details that go along with such research, such as whether, in my novel, they would have used matches to light their cigars or what they would have used if matches were not invented until after the end of the novel.

I enjoy research just as much as I enjoy writing each novel: there is so much interesting, and often surprising, matter that comes to light in situations like that.

anyway, gang, the novel is there…go for it!     

Free for the Next Three Days

The first volume in the new series ‘Sins of Mason Thurlow,’ entitled ‘Child of the Living Dead’ is being offered for the next three days as a freebie on Amazon. The link is

 Find out what makes him the most evil man on earth, and the right hand of Satan himself.

Freebie at Amazon!

From March 27-31, The Sins of Mason Thurlow volume 1 ‘Child of the Living Dead’ will be offered free at to introduce my readers to a new series. The most evil man who ever lived is brought to life in a series that takes you from Haiti during the slave uprising of the 1790’s to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Brisbane, and finally to the Marianas Trench, the deepest point of the ocean in the world, where he faces a legendary creature that has the power to destroy him and all he possesses.

I first created Mason back in the 1970’s, and resurrected him for this series in about 2009, then had so much fun with him I extended the initial novel to a series of twelve. he’s a vampire with a difference, I guess you could say…a man who likes the taste of blood, but not in the same ‘polite, gentlemanly’ style of Dracula. Mason is more brutal, more cunning, the kind of man you definitely don’t want to take home to meet mother!

Get in at the basement level and start the ride without paying a cent, courtesy of my publisher Rebecca J Vickery and Amazon. It’s a ride I think you’ll enjoy.

And if you want volume II for free, read volume 1, and let me know what you think of it. The best response will receive volume II of Mason’s exploits, also as a freebie!